Friday, September 30, 2016

WIRTW #432 (the "Hotel Norha" edition)

This what one’s happy place looks like
Jack White month comes to an end with a few clips from Norah’s most excellent School of Rock “Many Shades of Jack White” show. She was asked to do a lot in this show. Of the 19 songs in the set, she sang lead on 9 (including Hotel Yorba, in which sang and played guitar), guitar on another, and background vocals on 3 more. That’s a .684 batting percentage, which is a whole bunch for a 10 year old to carry on her shoulders. And she totally killed it (not that I’m biased).

Two things stand out for me. First, I love when Norah gets to sing and play guitar simultaneously, which she did on one of my all time favorites, Hotel Yorba. Secondly, I love how Norah is no longer just on stage singing or playing some songs, but is transitioning into an entertainer, cognizant of the fact she is, in fact, putting on a show for an audience.

Judge for yourself. Here’s the best 14:03 from the shows.

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