Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Are your DOL posters up to date?

Are your Department of Labor posters up to date? Unless you’ve updated them in the past 9 days, then the answer is likely “no”.

On August 1, the DOL updated its mandatory posters for the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Employee Polygraph Protection Act. As with all posters, a covered employer must display each in a prominent and conspicuous place where employees and applicants for employment can readily see it.

Here is the FLSA poster:

And the EPPA poster:

Also of note, while there is no requirement that you make your FLSA posting available in a language other than English, the DOL does also publish it in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Thai, Hmong, Vietnamese, and Korean. Also, employers of Agricultural Employees and State & Local Government Employees have the option to post the general FLSA notice, or the can either post the general FLSA poster or their specific industry poster. 

Now, print and post away.