Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy blogiversary to me

Nine years ago today, I launched the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog.

During that span, millions have read 2,421 posts (OMG!).

The ABA Journal has honored me six times with inclusion in its Blawg 100, and last year inducted me into its Blawg Hall of Fame.

I’ve established a strong relationship with Workforce Magazine, the website of which cross-publishes my posts as The Practical Employer. I also pen a monthly column for the magazine, and serve on its editorial advisory board.

My thoughts have appeared in publications such as the Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal.
I’ve criss-crossed America speaking on myriad employment-law topics, and have appeared on NPR and John Stossel’s tv show.

I’ve written a book or two.

And I’ve made lots of great friends—client, readers, and other bloggers.

All of this is prologue to a huge “thank you” to all whose paths I’ve cross since I started this little pet project nine years ago. This blog is an absolute labor of love, and if I didn’t love the creative outlet it provides, it would sit on the blogging scrapheap with myriad other legal blogs. My blog is, without a doubt, the most professionally rewarding aspect of my career, period. So, again, thank you to everyone who’s helped make it worthwhile.

In honor of today’s blogiversary, I thought I’d share my favorite post from each of the past 9 years of blogging. Enjoy my jaunt through the archives.

I’ll be back tomorrow with post 2,423, as we start our march to close out decade number one.