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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The EEOC says, “Preventing Discrimination is Good Business”

Are you a small-business owner? Do you have problems understanding your obligations under the federal employment-discrimination laws? Then the EEOC is here for you.

Last week, the agency published a one-page face sheet, entitled, “Preventing Discrimination is Good Business” (available in English and 29 other languages, such as Amharic, Marshallese, or Tagalog … really).

Yes, preventing discrimination makes good business sense. As the EEOC correctly points out, “Complying with the law may increase employee productivity, retention, and morale and limit legal expenses.”

However, a one-page fact sheet is not going to convince a discriminator to change his or her evil ways. If this fact sheet teaches you something about workplace discrimination that you didn’t already know, you have bigger problems than avoiding discrimination. Indeed, I would be surprised if this effort stops even one act of workplace discrimination.

I applaud the EEOC’s outreach efforts. Yet, isn’t there a more meaningful and effective way for the agency to spend our tax dollars to educate the masses about employment discrimination?