Friday, May 8, 2015

WIRTW #365 (the “en français” edition)

One of the curricular pieces I love about my kids’ school is that they start foreign language in kindergarten. My daughter, Norah, is now in her 4th year of French (which she gets every other day), and my son, Donovan, gets both French and Spanish, alternating each day.

When we attending Norah’s first parent/teacher conference when she was in kindergarten, I remember her French teacher telling us all about the play that would cap their year. I sat in disbelief as she explained how the kids would perform “La Poule Maboule” (Chicken Little), all in French. Imagine my surprise a few months later when I sat at school and watched the kids masterfully pull it off.

Now, three years later, the performances are no longer a surprise, but are still a delight to experience how little minds soak up foreign languages.

So, I present Donovan’s kindergarten class performing “La Poule Maboule,” and Norah’s 3rd grade class performing “Comment y Aller.”

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