Friday, February 20, 2015

WIRTW #356 (the “rock hall” edition)

induction_logo-eventspages______Xlj5tP3You may have heard that Cleveland has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You may have also heard that this year is Cleveland’s turn in the rotation to host the induction ceremony.

The Rock Hall is turning this year’s inductions into a week-long party, which kicks off with Celebration Day on April 11.

Here comes the cool part. Since Joan Jett is one of this year’s inductees, the Rock Hall has invited my daughter’s School of Rock band for an encore performance of last month’s Joan Jett showApril 11, at 5 pm, on the big stage at the Rock Hall. Norah’s very sincere comment when I told her: “Some people wait their whole lives to play at the Rock Hall — I’m only 8.”

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