Thursday, January 29, 2015

Help EmployeeScreenIQ with its 6th annual Employment Background Screening Survey

Every now again I get to do something nice for people I like. Today is one of those days. EmployeeScreenIQ is conducting its 6th annual Employment Background Screening Survey.

According to the company:

In its 2015 survey, EmployeeScreenIQ again sets out to capture the various influences on employers' hiring practices and how they respond when adverse information is revealed. What type of criminal history or resume discrepancy is egregious enough to disqualify a job candidate? How are employers handling job applicants when red flags arise? The threat of lawsuits over discriminatory hiring practices, complex and confusing "ban the box" laws, resume distortion and social media overreach are among the serious challenges that continue to vex the HR community when conducting employment background checks.

All participants will receive a copy of the published results, along with an entry for a $250 Amazon gift card (not that anyone is bribing you).

The survey is available here.

Given the proliferation of FCRA class action lawsuits, along with EEOC’s stepped-up enforcement against the use of criminal histories in hiring, this survey is well worth your time.