Friday, August 1, 2014

WIRTW #330 (the “be careful what you post” edition)

You’d think that people would know better than to post a private conversations with one’s attorney over a public social network. Kaiser v. Gallup, Inc. (D. Neb. 7/8/14) (h/t We Know Next) is an ADA case. During discovery, the employer learned that the plaintiff had communicated, via Facebook, with her cousin-lawyer about her termination. The plaintiff claimed that the attorney-client privilege shielded the communications from discovery. The employer argued that the plaintiff waived the privilege through the public nature of the discussion on Facebook. When the plaintiff couldn’t show otherwise, the court ordered the communication to be produced.

No one should ever share confidential information on social media. Posting something on Facebook (or Twitter, etc.) is tantamount to publishing it on the front page of your local newspaper.  If something is a secret, keep it that way by keeping it off social media.

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