Friday, March 28, 2014

WIRTW #313 (the “March madness” edition)

Yesterday, I shared my thoughts on the NLRB’s historic (yet preliminary) ruling on scholarship student athletes as employees. I argued that treating these students as employees could require their employer (the university) to pay them overtime. What other unintended results could this ruling have?

  • As one of my Twitter friends asked, will these students have to pay income tax on the value of their scholarships?
  • Will injured athletes be entitled to FMLA leave?
  • What about reasonable accommodations for injured athletes under the ADA?
  • Or what about health insurance coverage under the ACA’s mandate?
  • Will recruiting practices be scrutinized for disparate impact?

As you can see, this case asks more questions than it provides answers. The only answer I do know is that the NLRB kicked a hornet’s nest, and it is going to take years for the swarm to settle itself.

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