Tuesday, March 19, 2013

At least we’re not France

I like France. I like French fries, French toast, and French wine (although not necessarily all at the same time). Today, I have another reason to like France. It has provided a fabulous reality check. No matter how bad off we believe labor relations are in this county, at least we don’t have the problems the French do.

From USA Today:

A law working its way through [the French] parliament would grant amnesty to workers who have ransacked their company's offices or threatened their bosses during a labor dispute…. In the next few weeks, the bill will be taken up by parliament's lower house, the National Assembly, where parties on the left have a substantial majority.

The amnesty would apply to people who caused property damage, issued threats or defamed management during a labor or housing dispute over the last six years, and were sentenced to five years in prison or less. Acts that caused physical harm to someone else would not be covered.

I've spilled a lot of digital ink railing against the pro-union agenda of the National Labor Relations Board. I’m not saying I’m going to stop. But, stories like this one at least make me grateful that my clients aren’t French.