Friday, February 1, 2013

WIRTW #259 (the “luddite” edition)

Mozy recently published a list of the 50 Things We Don’t Do Anymore Because of Technological Advancements. It’s weird to think that my kids will never use an encyclopedia to write a last-minute term paper, scour the ground for payphone change because they forget to leave the house with a trusty dime, or dial *69 to figure out which of their friends is pranking us.

Scanning the list, though, I’m proud to say that I’m still a luddite in some key areas:

  • Print photographs
  • Go into the bank to conduct business
  • Remember phone numbers
  • Watch DVDs
  • Fax documents
  • Have a CD collection
  • Watch TV shows at the time they are shown
  • Try on shoes at the mall
  • Buy flowers at a florist
  • Buy newspapers

By my count, I’m 20 percent luddite. How do you rank?

Here’s the rest of what I read this week:


Social Media & Workplace Technology

HR & Employee Relations

Wage & Hour

Labor Relations

photo credit: Tony Fischer Photography via photopin cc