Friday, October 12, 2012

WIRTW #246 (the “you get what you ask for” edition)

Watch this video, and then let’s talk:

The HR Capitalist, Kris Dunn, shared this video on his blog earlier this week. Believe it or not, the creator of this video, an online videogame company called Kixeye, actually uses this video for recruiting. Kixeye recently fired a manager and three other employees following complaints of racial harassment. Here’s Kris Dunn’s take on the synergy between the video and the harassment, which is 100 percent spot-on:

The question that's fascinating to me is if you can separate the way you market from the values you have as a company related to culture, people, etc. 

What do you think? I think if he needed to fire people, he did the right thing. But the marketing platform suggests that the company doesn't exactly reinforce treating others with respect.

Rock - meet hard place. Pot - meet Kettle.

Folks, if this video is the message you send to employees on their way into the company, it is any surprise that they act like children, or worse, once they’re hired.

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