Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Please indulge me while I shill (about my new book) for a second

shilling coin I try not to shill too often. Sure, I let you know when and where you can see me speak (October 16 at the HR Compliance Conference / October 26 at the COSE Small Business Convention … please stop by and say hi). More often than not, though, I try to give a healthy dose of employment law news and information without any hard sells.

Today, however, is different. Yesterday, I completed my draft of The Employer Bill of Rights (of which I am extremely proud).

Here’s the description, courtesy of Amazon:

The Employer Bill of Rights: A Manager’s Guide to Workplace Law is a practical handbook designed to help managers and business owners navigate the ever-changing maze of labor and employment laws, rules, and regulations….

The Employer Bill of Rights: A Manager’s Guide to Workplace Law aids employers in navigating choppy personnel waters. It instructs employers on the ins and outs of the various laws. It provides employers with the confidence to make hiring, firing, and other personnel decisions free from the fear of litigation. No personnel decision or policy is litigation-proof, but The Employer Bill of Rights: A Manager’s Guide to Workplace Law will help businesses make informed decisions to hedge against the biggest blunders and errors that too often result in expensive and time-consuming lawsuits….

The Employer Bill of Rights: A Manager’s Guide to Workplace Law targets the owners of small to mid-size businesses and the managers that work in them. These businesses usually lack a dedicated in-house counsel responsible for, or knowledgeable in, labor and employment law. They often may also lack a human resources department. Without these internal resources, such businesses often shoot from the hip when making hiring, firing, pay, and other personnel decisions. Because of the intricacies and nuances of the ever-changing world of labor and employment law, these decisions can lead to costly mistakes. This book ensures that each personnel decision is made with the law—and the company’s best interests—in mind.

I’ll have a lot more to say about the book when (fingers crossed) it’s officially released on November 21, including some well-deserved thanks to my publisher, who has been invaluable as I navigated the writing process, and my partners, who provide me the freedom to chase these white rabbits down the hole.

For now, however, if you want to purchase some early holiday gifts, the book is on a pre-order sale at Amazon. I can’t think of a better stocking stuffer for that special HR person in your life.

Tomorrow, we’re back to your regularly scheduled employment law info.