Monday, October 29, 2012

Greatest hits: Do you know what to do when severe weather strikes your workplace? #Sandy

I don’t know if you've heard, but there this little storm named Sandy trekking towards the mid-Atlantic and New England. The storm is so potentially dangerous that the National Weather Service is sending out passive-aggressive warnings, just in case people are thinking of riding it out: “If you are reluctant, think about your loved ones, think about the emergency responders who will be unable to reach you when you make the panicked phone call to be rescued, think about the rescue/recovery teams who will rescue you if you are injured or recover your remains if you do not survive.”

Do you know know what to do with your workers when a weather event such as Sandy aims for your workplace? Two winters ago, I offered five suggestions for your workplace extreme weather policy, including how to handle issues such as attendance, wage and hour, and telecommuting. In light of this week’s storm of apparently historical proportions, I thought it best to revisit that post: Do you have a severe weather policy?

In the meantime, for all of my family and friends in the storm’s immediate path, stay safe, and think of a kinder, more gentler Sandy: