Friday, September 21, 2012

WIRTW #243 (the “SAHM no more” edition)

Over the years, I’ve used this space to share some things about my family and me. I figure it helps you better understand me as a person, which, in turn, helps you understand what forms my beliefs and positions on the various issues on which I write. I’ve written about my wedding story, the birth of my son, and my daughter’s first day of kindergarten. I’ve posted on my son’s trials and triumphs during his three-week hospital stay. I’ve shared the loss of old friends and the acquisition of new ones. I’ve drawn lessons from some of our family vacations. And I’ve written about my childhood, growing up in Philadelphia, and some of the summer jobs that helped form my early views about the workplace.

Today, I’m sharing something new.

On Monday, my wife re-joins the workforce, after more than 6 years at home. Thank you to my wife. She made a very difficult decision in May 2006 to stay at home, sacrificing her career to give our kids the gift of her time and attention. Our kids and I are forever grateful. Thank you also to companies that are willing to hire stay at home moms re-entering the workforce. The difficulty of the decision to give up one’s career is exacerbated by the uncertainty of whether you’ll be able to jump back in when ready. Companies should be commended for realizing that a parent’s choice to leave the workforce does not undermine that parent’s capability as an employee upon their return.

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