Friday, February 24, 2012

WIRTW #214 (the “errata” edition)

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation about legal blogging to the Ohio Women’s Bar Association Leadership Institute. During my talk the question arose of whether I’ve ever made a mistake, and, if so, how I handled it. I spoke of one incident when something I had written was incorrect. I also spoke of the importance of transparency with my readers, and my willingness to fall on my sword and admit that I was wrong (my wife will tell you this isn’t always easy for me).

Today is post number 1,365 (yikes). When you write as much as I do, something is bound to fall through the cracks every now and again. An astute reader pointed out an omission from Monday’s post on holiday pay. I wrote that because paid holidays are discretionary, there is no legal requirement that you have pay non-exempt employees for holidays off. That statement is true, but not if you pay the non-exempt employee a fixed salary pursuant to a fluctuating workweek calculation. In that instance, you must pay the employee for any holidays off, or risk the fluctuating workweek status and the overtime calculation benefits that come with it. For more on the fluctuating workweek, I recommend Robert Fitzpatrick’s excellent white paper [pdf] on the topic.

The way I figure it, I’m batting .999, MVP-like numbers no matter how you slice it.

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