Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In the wake of a tragedy, more on humanity and human resources

Yesterday was a tragic day in Northeast Ohio. I extend my thoughts and prayers to anyone affected by the horrors at Chardon High School.

Today, Chardon’s schools are closed. Kids will be home from school. Some, because their parents will be working, will be left to deal with their grief in solitude, trying to understand and come to terms with what they witnessed. Neither the FMLA, nor any other leave law in Ohio, covers these circumstances.

Last week, I wrote about the need to put the “human” back in human resources. For any company that has employees with children who attend Chardon schools, today is great day to start down this path of humanity. Forget what the law does or does not require of your employees, and allow them the day to spend with their grieving, angry, and confused children. What you might lose in productivity your employees will repay you in gratitude and good will.