Friday, January 27, 2012

WIRTW #210 (the “organizing my life” edition)

Any.DO Logo   Name I live in a constant search for the perfect task organizer/to-do list. For the past several months, I’ve been using Toodledo, which is robust, but overly complex for my needs. But, I’ve stuck with it because I can use it across all of my platforms (the PC in my office, my Mac at home, my Android phone, and my iPad—this is what life has become in 2012). Toodledo, however, is about to get kicked to the curb. Welcome to my life, Where Toodledo is complex, is elegant in its simplicity, allowing you to add tasks to complete today, tomorrow, this week, or next week, drag and drop tasks between days, set priorities, reminders, folders, notes, and automatically sync to your contact list for emails and phone calls. Right now, it’s only available on Android, but the developer promises an iPhone app is on the horizon, as is a web app. Once the web app is released, I will say toodles to Toodledo.

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