Monday, October 24, 2011

New movie asks this question about workplace social media: “Have I Shared Too Much?”

If you are asking questions in job interviews about candidates social media activities, I bet it’s not like what happened in a short movie that debuted recently online, Have I Shared Too Much?

In the 12-minute movie, an interviewee trying to land his dream job is forced to defend why no one has recommended him on LinkedIn, why he only has 6 Twitter followers, why follows Kim and Courtney but not Chloe, and why he’s a fan of Justin Bieber. He also suffers through the uncomfortable squabbling among the three interviewers debating their own social media issues with each other. For anyone interested in social media in the workplace, this movie is a must match.

All Twitter talked to the writer and director, Sameer Acharya, who said the following about his project:

I started writing the film last summer after reading several articles, and watching news reports about the paranoia of social media. Prospective job applicants were becoming increasingly weary that their online posts could potentially cost them career opportunities….

Yes, these are all amazing tools that have significant personal and community benefits. However, there is also a downside. In addition to maintaining a life balance, hopefully audiences will see that social networking has blurred the lines separating our personal and private lives, and with that comes significant consequences.

Pop some corn, turn down the lights, and enjoy.