Friday, July 1, 2011

WIRTW #183 (the “to catch an (alleged) adulterer” edition)

chris_hansen Chris Hansen’s Dateline NBC series To Catch a Predator was one of my guilty pleasures. It was eye-opening to watch a bunch of creeps try to explain why they needed a bag full of condoms and a six-pack of beer for their play date with a 13-year-old girl. After three years of nabbing these (alleged) pedos, you’d think that Chris would have learned the power of the hidden camera. Think again. From the Baltimore Sun:

The NBC anchor was secretly filmed while on a date with someone who was most definitely not his wife.

According to the Daily Mail, Hansen has been carrying on a secret affair with a local TV reporter from Florida, and he was busted taking her to dinner at the Ritz-Carlton before returning to her apartment for the evening.

I hope they at least served Chris cookies and lemonade before they broke the news to him that he’d been busted.

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