Mastodon WIRTW #182 (the “Oscar the Grouch” edition)

Friday, June 24, 2011

WIRTW #182 (the “Oscar the Grouch” edition)

Last summer, I asked a simple question: “Have we devolved into a society of assholes?” Today, I offer the empirical proof, courtesy of a survey conducted by Weber Shandwick and Powell Tate in partnership with KRC Research, as reported by Roger Simon at (c/o Workplace Diva). The results are not surprising, but nonetheless sobering:

Some 86 percent of Americans say they have been victims of incivility…. About six in 10 Americans admit they themselves have been rude….

More than four in 10 Americans have experienced incivility in the workplace, with 65 percent blaming their bosses for it, and 59 percent blaming fellow employees. Younger employees were blamed by 34 percent, and access to the Internet by 25 percent (Is Angry Birds making people angrier?). Older employees did best, blamed for incivility by only 6 percent.

On the positive side, when asked to assign a degree of incivility to 25 American institutions, the workplace finished better than 21 others, sandwiched between President Obama and Oprah. Good company to be in, I suppose.

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