Friday, June 17, 2011

WIRTW #181 (the “Spoonie Luv” edition)

Last week, Tracy Morgan got himself in trouble over a stand-up performance, during which he commented, among other things, that if his son was gay he’d stab him. Taken out of context, Morgan’s comments are hateful and contemptible. Taken in context, you could view them as in poor taste, biting satire on homophobia, or both. For his part (and likely in an attempt to save his job on 30 Rock following the public backlash), Morgan has apologized.

I bring up this story to highlight the following—if the court of public opinion can crucify a stand-up comic for words he uses in jest while performing on a stage, imagine what a jury comprised of those same people could do to your business in a lawsuit over words used in your workplace.

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