Friday, June 10, 2011

WIRTW #180 (the “pixie dust” edition)

Last month, my family vacationed at Disney World. While the trip was planned last fall, it was a much needed (almost) week away after our ordeal in February. One of our first stops was to meet Buzz Lightyear at the Magic Kingdom. I’m sure lots of 3-year-old boys idolize Buzz, but I’m not sure anyone loves Buzz as much as my son does.


I mentioned to the PhotoPass photographer to take as many pictures as he could, explaining that Donovan had spent 3 weeks in the hospital, how much Buzz means to him, and how much him meeting Buzz meant to us. A Cast Member overheard my story, pulled me aside, and gave me a voucher for a free 8x10 picture. That voucher probably cost Disney 50 cents, yet it proved invaluable to my family that someone thought to do something nice for us.

Let this story be a lesson for employers—the little things do matter. Taking the time to spread some “pixie dust” on your workers once in a while should pay exponential dividends.

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