Monday, April 25, 2011

Considerations for a pet-friendly workplace

At BNET, Laurie Tarkan answers the question of why you should take your dog to work:

  • Improved staff morale and worker productivity. People don’t mind working longer hours when they don’t have to run home to walk their dogs.
  • Increased camaraderie among employees. They’re a great ice breaker and can get conversations going between people who might otherwise not feel they have much in common.
  • Happier employees result in enhanced job performance.
  • Increase in sales reported by store owners who take their dogs to work
  • Dogs can serve as a crime deterrent.

If you are going to allow for a pet-friendly workplace, however, do not ignore the legal risks: the ADA, property damage, bite risks, and workers who just don’t like dogs.

Before you open your workplace up to your employees’ pets, cover your bases with a workplace pet policy. “How do I do that,” you ask? Luckily, I’ve covered this issue before. Click through for the six points you should cover with your employment counsel before making your workplace pet-friendly.

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