Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coming soon to your bookshelf: HR and Social Media

It’s no coincidence that Facebook’s founder was Time’s 2010 Person of the Year. 2011 has become the breakout year for social media, as it continues increase in importance everyday. Social media not only permeates every aspect of our daily lives, but also every aspect of today’s HR.

I am pleased to announce that I will be authoring HR and Social Media: Practical and Legal Guidance, to be published by Thompson Publishing this summer. I believe it is the first such book of its kind. It will be a comprehensive resource covering the following issues in this cutting-edge area of employment law:

  1. Introduction: Social Media Horror Stories
  2. What is Social Media?
  3. Drafting the Social Media Policy (including Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation)
  4. Using Social Media in Hiring and Recruiting
  5. Employee Privacy and Defamation
  6. Confidentiality, Non-Competition Agreements, and Trade Secrets
  7. Discovery of Social Media in Litigation
  8. Social Media and Labor Law

I am not alone on this task. I have recruited an amazing group of my blogging colleagues to contribute chapters (in alphabetical order):

I’ll be writing about social media horror stories and how to draft, implement, and enforce an effective and workable social media policy, including incorporating your social media program into your harassment and discrimination policies.

Continue to watch this space in the coming months for updates, including publication, availability, and how to add this tool to your HR library.

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