Friday, February 18, 2011

WIRTW #165 (the medical update edition)

So we’re on day 9 at the Cleveland Clinic, the only medical facility in the world where it’s actually a good think to say you’re at the Clinic. Our little guy seems to have stabilized. The juices flowing out of his stomach are ever so slightly less in volume and lighter in color, which suggests that the very large hematoma that is blocking one-third, and maybe as much as two-thirds or even all, of his small bowel, is starting to slowly subside. This is not to say that we are headed home anytime soon. He’ll need to be off the NG tube for at least 24 hours, and able to keep drink down without vomiting before they’ll even think about discharging him. It could be anywhere from another week to three weeks before he can again sleep in his Buzz Lightyear bed. In the meantime, we continue to watch his blood counts, which have been low. There was talk of a transfusion the past couple of days, but I think we’ve dodged that bullet. And, if there’s a bright side (which I usually try to find), we’re hoping the nourishment he’s getting through his PICC line will fatten him up some, since he’s a little guy to begin with.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers this past week. It means more than I can communicate.

Here’s what I read this week (trust me, I’ve had a lot of downtime staring at the hospital room walls):

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