Friday, February 4, 2011

WIRTW #163 (the all good things must come to and end edition)

I’m sorry to leave you all alone
you’re sitting silent by the phone
but we’d always known there would come a day
the bus is warm and softly lit
and a hundred people ride in it
I guess I’m just another running away 
I’m gonna pick it up
I’m gonna pick it up today
I’m bound pack it up
I’m bound pack it up and go away 
—I’m Bound to Pack It Up, The White Stripes
Don’t get scared. This blog lives on. But, from this point forward, February 2nd will no longer be know as Groundhog Day, but as the day The White Stripes broke up.

The White Stripes
As for me, I’ll always have the memory of the first time I heard the opening chords of Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, and was hooked for life.
Here’s the rest of what I read this week:

Social Media & Technology
Labor Law
Employee Relations & HR
Wage & Hour
Non-Compete Agreements