Monday, February 14, 2011

A special circle of hell is reserved for lawyers that don’t extend professional courtesies

I write this post to vent, not to indict. I therefore withhold the names of the guilty.

For those that do not follow me on twitter, I’ve been dealing with an ill child for the past few days. What started as a routine endoscopy turned into an extended stay at the Cleveland Clinic after he developed a hematoma of the small bowel as a rare, but possible, side effect of the biopsy. After the scariest four days of my and my wife’s lives, he appears to be on the mend, although we have another couple of weeks before he is fully healed and home. From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone for the well wishes these past days.

I was supposed to be in court this morning on a show cause hearing in what has been a very contentious case. On Friday, I left messages for all three opposing lawyers to explain that because of a family medical emergency I could not make the hearing, and to ask for their consent to a continuance. No matter how hard-fought the case, I would never dream that any attorney could refuse such a request under these circumstances. None of them even had the common courtesy to return my call.

I’ve long believed that Dante saved a special circle of hell for lawyers that do not extend common professional courtesies. Last Friday’s experience confirmed this suspicion.