Friday, December 10, 2010

WIRTW #156 (the Guantánamo edition)

The story of the week is courtesy of the legal humor blog (and fellow ABA Blawg 100 honoree—don’t forget to vote) Lowering the Bar, which reports on the Utah Supreme Court’s reinstatement of an employee’s tort claims against his employer. The allegations are that the employer used waterboarding and other forms of physical punishment as motivational techniques:

Basically, Hudgens alleges that Prosper encouraged the use of, let’s say, “enhanced employee motivational techniques,” specifically, waterboarding. Hudgens alleged that at the time of the incident, his supervisor was already known for what the court called “questionable management practices”:

“Specifically, when an employee did not meet performance goals, [the supervisor] would draw a mustache on the employee using permanent marker or he would remove the employee’s chair. Additionally, he would patrol the employees’ work area with a wooden paddle, which he would use to strike desks and tabletops.”

Where do I sign up to work for that supervisor?

Here’s the rest of what I read this week:


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