Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WIRTW #154 (the thankful edition)

941948994_LZ3rJ-LIn her preschool class last week, my daughter had to share what she was thankful for. Her classmates gave the standard responses—parents, grandparents, siblings, maybe a pet or two. Her answer—Peter Pan. Good to know where my wife and I stand in her corner of the universe.

Here’s what I’m thankful for (at least as my blog is concerned):

  • I’m thankful for the nearly 600 subscribers who think enough of what I have to say on a daily basis to have my thoughts delivered to their feedreaders or inboxes.

  • I’m thankful for the more than 8,000 different visitors each month who find me via a Google search, a link, Twitter, or some other way, who stop by to read my thoughts and musings.

  • I’m thankful for all of my blogging and tweeting colleagues—many of whom I now consider friends—with whom I have shared ideas and links, and engaged in interesting debates.

  • I’m thankful for all of the reporters who have used me a source (and spelled my name correctly).

  • I’m thankful for my partners, who, when they were the partners, provided me the freedom to start what at the time was a novel project.

  • Finally, I’m thankful for my wife, who often puts up with my late-night typing because I have a thought I want to finish for the next morning.

Have a great Thanksgiving and long holiday weekend. I’ll see everyone back on Monday, when we start the stretch run to my annual list of the year’s top 10 labor and employment law stories.

Here’s the rest of what I read this week:


Wage & Hour

Social Networking & Technology

Non-Competition Agreements


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