Monday, October 4, 2010

Off to see the Chamber, the wonderful Chamber of Commerce

Ohio_Statehouse_columbus Today, I am traveling to Columbus for the Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s Employment Law Committee meeting. For the uninitiated, the Ohio Chamber is our state’s voice for businesses and their policy interests. The Employment Law Committee tracks, dissects, and lobbies regarding employment-related legislation pending at the Statehouse. According to the agenda for our meeting [available as a pdf] we will discuss the following legislation:

  • Protect the rights of employees to decide whether to be represented by a collective bargaining unit through a private ballot process.

  • Reduce inconsistencies and duplication between state and federal employment laws.

  • Push for a law that allows an employer to offer the existence of an anti-discrimination policy as an affirmative defense to a discrimination claim.

  • Maintain the solvency of the state’s unemployment compensation trust fund by promoting measures that return unemployed workers to the workforce.

  • Advance legislation that models the federal process for claims filed at the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

Later this week, I’ll report specific items of interest discussed at the meeting.

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