Thursday, September 30, 2010

Honoring National Disability Employment Awareness Month on the Proactive Employer podcast

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Tomorrow, to mark its first day, I’ll be recording on a special one-hour installment of Stephanie Thomas’s Proactive Employer podcast. For this special, Stephanie has gathered an all-star panel of guests. Appearing with me will be Cari Dominguez, the Former Chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Commission, Sheridan Walker, the president of HR consulting firm HirePotential, Kevin Bradley, the Director of Diversity for McDonald’s, and James Rodriguez, the Strategic Military Talent Manager for BAE Systems, Inc. I am very much looking forward to what should be an engaging and spirited discussion about the role of the ADA for today’s workforce.

The podcast will be available sometime next week on Stephanie’s website. You can also check out all 42 prior episodes on iTunes, or via The Proactive Employer iPhone app (Stephanie, where’s the Android love?). I always enjoy being Stephanie’s guest, and I am sure tomorrow will be no exception.

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