Friday, July 2, 2010

WIRTW #133

Jeffrey Hirsch at the Workplace Prof Blog reports that the NLRB has announced its plan to handle some of the nearly 600 cases invalidated by the Supreme Court in New Process Steel. According to Professor Hirsch:

[T]he Board is addressing the cases currently pending in court—not the cases already decided in court, cases in which the losing party complied with the NLRB order, or cases that may be brought to court but haven’t yet. As expected, the Board will rehear these pending cases with a three-member panel that will include Chairwoman Liebman and Member Schaumber, who were on the original two-member panel. This makes sense, as it means that only one member will have to start from scratch on these cases.

The story of the week, however, comes via OnPointNews. I’ll let the title speak for itself. You’ll have to click over for the details – Bias Suit Claims New Age Boss Fired Woman for Fetus.

Like most of America, I’m off on Monday, enjoying the unofficial 4th of July. I’ll be back with fresh content on Tuesday. In the meantime, enjoy what I read this week:


Wage & Hour




And, finally, since I live in Cleveland and cannot escape the circus that is LeBron James, Matthew Gibson shares his thoughts at his Wills & Wealth blog – I Can't Take it Anymore. It's Time to Talk LeBron.

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