Monday, April 12, 2010

This is not a late April Fools’ joke: Employees strike over right to drink beer at work

Homer_DrunkSHOP Oh to have the labor problems in this country that they have elsewhere around the world. For example, take Denmark beer company Carlsberg. More than a thousand brewery workers walked off the job after the company restricted their ability to drink beer during the work day. The New York Times has the details. Until recently warehouse workers were able to drink as much beer as they wanted to during the day – provided they did not get drunk. Under the new policy, however, beer consumption is limited to lunch breaks only. Here’s the best part. Although truck drivers are not covered by the new policy, they joined the strike in sympathy. The truck drivers already have their own limits – 3 beers per work day outside of lunch.

So as you bemoan a liberalized NLRB and Department of Labor, an amended ADA that makes almost anyone with a medical condition “disabled,” mandatory lactation breaks, and a Congress that may look to expand employment protections before the November elections, at least be thankful that you don’t have employees walking off the job over the right to drink beer.

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