Monday, March 15, 2010

Beware these types of problem employees

Today is the Ides of March. For Julius Caesar, it meant a knife in the back from his best friend. Yet, Caesar had been warned to beware the Ides. I, too, provide the following warning. Beware these archetypes of problem employees in your organization:

  • The chronically absent employee.
  • The chronically late employee.
  • The chronically ill employee.
  • The insubordinate employee.
  • The complaining employee.
  • The bullying or harassing employee.
  • The substance abusing employee.
  • The thieving employee.
  • The disloyal employee.
  • The unhappy employee.

Each of these employees comes bearing a knife in the form of a potential lawsuit. At the same time, each is also loaded with legal landmines. For example, the absent or late employee may have an underlying medical issue causing their attendance issues. The harassing employee will put in a motion a chain of events under your harassment policy. The first step, though, in dealing with these issues is to recognize that they are issues at all.

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