Friday, November 6, 2009

WIRTW #102

I'm in Washington D.C. at the ABA's annual Labor & Employment Conference. Consequently, my post paying off my debt to Dan Schwartz genuflecting before the alter of the New York Yankees is delayed until Monday. In the meantime, enjoy the best of this week's posts from elsewhere around the web.

Thanks to Molly DiBianca for again including me in her yearly list of the top Employment Law Blogs. Her list (and her entire blog, for that matter) is an excellent resource for employers.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce this week launched its Small Business Nation web portal. The Chamber describes it as a “community … founded on the open exchange of information and ideas, while creating the opportunity for small businesses to speak with a unified voice” to bring “together America’s small businesses” and “strengthen individual endeavors while amplifying the collective voice of business.” For my time, it’s best feature is its Toolkits, a bunch of informational mini-sites for small businesses. Spend 10 minutes clicking through the Employer Toolkit for general information on payroll, benefits, employment rules, and employee discipline and termination.

From Steven Greengrass at the New York Times – Lack of Paid Sick Days May Worsen Flu Pandemic. On the same topic, Dan Schwartz has info on recently introduced federal paid sick leave legislation.

Walter Olson’s Overlawyered reports on the ballsiest employment discrimination defendant of all time. And, he won.

World of Work offers some insight on how to avoid age discrimination.

Paul Secunda, at the Workplace Prof Blog, asks whether the EEOC is unfairly attacking employers.

The Word on Employment Law with John Phillips takes a look at David Letterman’s production company’s sexual harassment policy.

During the Bush administration, a two-member NLRB issues a lot of employer-friendly decisions. The Supreme Court had agreed to review the legality of those plurality decisions, as Michael Fox, at Jottings By An Employer’s Lawyer, reports.

Patrick Smith, at the Iowa Employment Law Blog, offers some timely information on what employers can do about H1N1.

Victoria Pynchon’s Settle It Now Negotiation Blog takes a look back to 1938, when it was legally to openly deny jobs to women because their gender.

The Washington DC Employment Law Update lists OSHA’s top 10 safety violations for 2009.

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