Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A World Series wager

Phillies-Logo Anyone who knows me or who’s been a faithful reader knows that I grew up in Philly and avidly root for all of its teams. Fellow employment law blogger Dan Schwartz (of the Connecticut Employment Law Blog) has a similar affection for his New York teams. For our two blogs, tonight’s World Series is the perfect storm, which has led to the following wager – the loser has to write a post on his blog praising the winning team (with an employment law spin, of course).

Other than reading Dan’s praise of the Phillies, here are 5 reasons to root for the Fightins’:

  1. Win one for Harry: If you wonder why the Phillies are wearing an “HK” patch on their uniforms, it’s for Harry Kalas. Harry the K was the long-time beloved and revered Phillies Hall of Fame broadcaster who died at the beginning of the season. If you’re not from Philly, you probably know him better as the baritone yet lilted voice of NFL Films. He’s also noted for his stirring renditions of the Sinatra classic High Hopes, which the Phillies now play in his honor after home wins.

  2. Blue collar versus white collar: The Phillies personify Philly’s hard-working, blue collar attitude, and work hard for everything they have. The Yankees are effete spoiled rich kids playing in their new $1.5 billion dollar playground, and are expected to succeed because of how much money they spend. Who do you better relate to?

  3. Charlie Manual: Cleveland ran him out of town because he talks like a bumpkin who doesn’t know what he’s doing. As it turns out, he’s forgotten more about baseball than most know. He’s one of the genuinely good guys in sports. A second ring would likely punch his ticket to Cooperstown and seal his legacy.

  4. Steroids: These are two of the most potent offenses ever to match up in a World Series. But, only one lineup has a star player who’s admitted to using performance enhancers. The Phillies sluggers have always done it naturally.

  5. The evil empire factor: The Yankees? Again? Really? It’s like rooting for the Third Reich to win WWII. Sure, the Germans were rooting for their home team, but was anyone else?

Dan, my readers and I look forward to what you have to say about the Phillies after the series is over.

Meanwhile, try not to get a little misty while Harry the K serenades a 2008 playoff pep rally with High Hopes.

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