Friday, October 9, 2009


Earlier this week I suggested 10 reasons why you shouldn’t date at work. Some of my fellow bloggers share their own thoughts on the David Letterman situation:

In other news this week, On Point News reports that Playboy has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by one of its former producers. If there was ever a place for an assumption of the risk defense in employment cases…

Nick Fishman, at the employeescreenIQ Blog, takes on diploma mills.

Sindy Warren, at the Warren & Hays Blog, offers some information on maternity leave under Ohio law. For my thoughts on this issue, take a look at Maternity leave issues continue to confound employers.

Workplace Horizons spots a potentially dangerous trend – tacking on civil RICO (racketeering) claims to wage and hour lawsuits.

Tim Eavenson, at Current Employment, draws some lessons on trade secrets from watching Sunday Night Football.

Rush Nigut’s Rush on Business shares how your child’s social networking can adversely affect your employment.

Michael Maslanka’s Work Matters thinks that “regarded as” disability claims will make a big comeback under the recently amended ADA.

Michael Haberman’s HR Observations examines some litigation recently filed by the EEOC and concludes that the agency may be targeting employer policies that arbitrarily try to limit the duration of employee medical leaves.

Molly DiBianca, at the Delaware Employment Law Blog, offers some good tips on how go about starting a social networking policy.

Patrick Smith, at the Iowa Employment Law Blog, reminds us of the dangers of retaliation.

Finally, Michael Fox, at Jottings by an Employer’s Lawyer, discusses an employment lawsuit that still has not ended after a 12 year trip through the court system.

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