Mastodon WIRTW #100

Friday, October 23, 2009

WIRTW #100

Hard to believe this feature has hit the triple-digit mark.

Frank Roche called his shot even before last night’s dissection of the Dodgers. Read why he thinks the Phillies are going to win it all.

Louis DiLorenzo, at the New York Labor & Employment Law Report, offers 7 tips to keep in mind as you begin drafting those year-end performance reviews.

Self-proclaimed animal lover Molly DiBianca, at the Delaware Employment Law Blog, shares her thoughts on bizarre service animals under the ADA.

Jewel Bennett, at Arkansas Employment Law, thinks that just because conduct may not rise to the level of actionable harassment, it does to provide an excuse to be uncivil.

Sindy Warren, at the Warren & Hays Blog, draws some workplace lessons from the never-ending “Balloon Boy” saga.

Matt Mennes, writing at COSE Mindspring, thinks employers should be using pre-dispute arbitration clauses with employees. I could not disagree more.

Eric Welter, at The Laconic Law Blog, thinks the workplace is no place to wear Halloween costumes.

Jeffrey Hirsch, at the Workplace Prof Blog, reminds us that October is National Work and Family Life Month.

Roger Matus’ Death by Email gives yet another example of things that just should never be committed to writing.

But, the winner of the week is FailBlog, with maybe the worst idea ever to celebrate Disability Awareness Month.

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