Friday, September 4, 2009


Time constraints lead to a shorter than usual review this week. But, I am here for my readers with what I think are the top 5 posts from the employment law blogosphere for this week (in no particular order):

  • The New York Labor & Employment Law Report, with some suggestions on how to deal with employees’ social networking.

  • Michael Fox’s Jottings by an Employer’s Lawyer, discussing the EEOC’s recent class action filing against UPS, and the difficult position employers are in when dealing with an injured or ill employee who needs more than 12 weeks of medical leave.

  • Maryland Employment Law Developments, which attempts to answer the question, “How much privacy do employees really have at work?” The short answer – not much, but maybe more than you think.

  • Mindy Chapman’s Case in Point, on employees’ access to restroom breaks.

  • Paul Secunda, at the Workplace Prof Blog, who discusses the case of a New Zealand employee terminated for the egregious workplace crime of using ALL CAPS in emails.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend. I’ll be back Tuesday with my thoughts on forced retirements under the ADEA.

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