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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Do you know? Fake job references?

More people are out of work at any time in the past 25 years. And, it appears that some are taking desperate measures to find new jobs. reports that companies have sprung up that will sell a job hunter a fake reference: and Alibi HQ.

It’s not newsworthy that people lie to get jobs. What is newsworthy, though, is the ease at which the desperate unemployed can find a bogus, yet legitimate sounding, employment reference. The internet has made it almost too easy for a job candidate to create an entirely fictitious, yet 100% verifiable, work history.

Employers screening job candidates need to be extra vigilant. Just as the internet has enabled companies like CareerExcuse to flourish, it also provides the tools for you to call a bluff. Don’t just take an applicant’s word that he worked for ABC Widgets for 10 years. Google the company and see if it exists. Look for an independent phone number to verify employment. A little diligence up front can go a long way to saving headaches down the road.

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