Friday, August 28, 2009


This week’s review starts with some of fellow blogger’s thoughts on the passing of Ted Kennedy:

This week also had an abundance of posts on social media in the workplace. I’m thinking a lot about this topic in light of KJK’s upcoming Breakfast Briefing on this issue:

Dan Schwartz at the Connecticut Employment Law Blog is focusing on Tropical Storm Dennis and whether workplaces are ready for really bad weather.

The Delaware Employment Law Blog’s Molly DiBianca suggests that employers put a time limit (5 years, according to Molly) on the use of criminal records.

With tongue planted in cheek, Jennifer Hays at the Warren & Hays Blog lists the top 5 reasons not to do an HR audit.

Ross Runkel’s LawMemo Employment Law Blog shares his thoughts on the EEOC’s recent class action filing against AT&T for age discrimination.

Michael Maslanka’s Work Matters suggests that we consider the effect a complaint will have on our intended target before we file it.

Rush Nigut’s Rush on Business draws a lesson for trial lawyers and their clients from Tiger’s loss at the PGA.

Jay Shepherd’s Grunted Employees thinks there are 7 deadly workplace sins.

Kris Dunn – The HR Capitalist – discusses the interplay between non-compete agreements and employee talent.

Wage & Hour Counsel examines the Department of Labor’s internal techniques and strategies for conducting wage and hour investigations.

According to World of Work, in Washington State it’s ok for an employer to fire employees who complain about their boss.

Nolo’s Employment Law Blog reports that managers may be personally liable for unpaid wages if a company goes bankrupt.

Jill Pugh’s Employment Law Blog discusses the recent uptick in pregnancy discrimination claims.

Michael Haberman’s HR Observations, on sexism.

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