Friday, May 15, 2009


The newly launched Warren & Hayes Employment Law Blog, written by the Cleveland-based HR consulting company of the same name, discusses the discrimination liability risks inherent in searching employees’ on-line profiles. In other social networking news, Robert Ambrogi at the Legal Blog Watch discusses the Wall Street Journal’s recently drafted social networking policy for its employees. Workplace Privacy Counsel discusses whether there are any limits on how far employers can go in regulating employees’ private social networking profiles. Business Management Daily warns employers against overreacting to employees’ online presence.

Overlawyered let’s us know that academics are debating whether “heightism” should be added to the list of protected classes. (ugh).

WorkplaceHorizons reports on two recently-introduced bills that would amend the FMLA – one to repeal this year’s new regulations, and other to expand the permissible reasons for FMLA-leave.

Current Employment details the EEOC’s position that employee health risk assessments violate the ADA.

Molly DiBianca at the Delaware Employment Law Blog shares her thoughts on the effects of caregiver discrimination on dual-income households.

Dan Schwartz at the Connecticut Employment Law Blog, on issues to consider when settling employment disputes.

Bob Sutton, with some outside-the-box ideas on curbing employee theft.

PC Magazine’s Eric Griffin presents the 25 golden rules of e-mail.

Christopher McKinney at the HR Lawyer’s Blog digests a half-million dollar verdict for a transgendered employee whose job offer was rescinded after he showed up on the first day of work as a she.

The Evil HR Lady opines on the evils of draconian vacation policies.

The Washington Labor & Employment Wire reports on the EEOC’s recently announced regulatory agenda for 2009 and 2010. The highlights include regulations for GINA and the ADA Amendments Act.

Finally, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber Post discusses Ohio’s recent growth despite the stale economy.

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