Friday, February 20, 2009


Fellow blogger Teri Rasmussen, at her Ohio Practical Business Law blog, has compiled an exhaustive list of every Ohio-based legal blog. Thank you, Teri, for considering my little project one of the top 3 legal blogs in our state. The compliment is appreciated.

To follow up my post from yesterday on employers’ federal court successes in discrimination cases, the California Employment Law Report wonders if this trend will lead to the filing of more wage and hour cases, where employees enjoy better success.

Along the same vein, Gruntled Employees gives employers the lowdown on how to lose a wage and hour case.

Meanwhile, the Connecticut Employment Law Blog gives some suggestions on how to limit liability risks from layoffs.

The Delaware Employment Law Blog examines layoffs from the perspective of pregnant employees.

The Business of Management tries to put a cost on smoking cessation programs.

The Trade Secrets Blog discusses how many dollars trade secret misappropriations cost businesses last year.

Today’s Workplace talks about workplace harassment of teenagers.

Washington D.C. Employment Lawyer Update provides information on the Family-Friendly Workplace Act, which would amend the Fair Labor Standards Act to allow private employers to award comp time in lieu of overtime. For more on this issue under the current wage and hour laws, see Do you know? “Comp” time in lieu of overtime.

Finally, Death by Email offers some pointers on how to use Facebook and other social networking sites. The advice – consider the following three questions before posting something on Facebook: “Would you be upset if your mother saw it? Would you be upset if the most nefarious person you ever heard about saw it? Would you be upset if it was on the front page of USA TODAY?” This advice hold true for anything you write, whether it’s posted online, in an email, or in an internal document. If you wouldn’t want it read by a judge, read to a jury, or printed on the front page of the newspaper, don’t commit it to writing.