Friday, November 7, 2008


It only seems fitting to begin this week with a small roundup of some of the blog posts I’ve tagged about the election:

The Connecticut Employment Law Blog also points out that President-elect Obama’s has gone live, and highlights the labor and employment initiatives his new administration will put forward.

This week also brings some other notable posts about issues other than the election.

Rush on Business (courtesy of an article on IowaBiz) reminds companies of the importance of EPL (Employment Practices Liability) insurance.

HRWorld discusses ways to protect your business when firing an employee.

The Word on Employment Law with John Phillips talks about the wave of layoffs that is likely during this down economy.

Human Rights in the Workplace brings a story from north of the border about a 44-year-old exotic dancer who is claiming age discrimination.

The Non-Compete and Restrictive Covenants Blog discusses IBM’s efforts to halt employee migration to Apple via non-competition agreements.

Trading Secrets, meanwhile, discusses the general trends related to non-compete litigation in the financial services sector.

World of Work reports on the latest case-handling trends at the NLRB.

Finally, Overlawyered brings us the bizarre story of the week, about a sham arbitration agreed to as part of sexual harassment settlement. All hell is breaking lose now that the plaintiff and the arbitrator are refusing to participate.