Friday, October 24, 2008


In honor of my beloved Phillies first World Series appearance in 25 years, I’m starting this week’s roster with a couple of sports-related posts. The HR Capitalist writes on the culture of losing, and the Trade Secrets Blog asks if Brett Favre misappropriated trade secrets when he left the Packers.

Work Matters discusses workplace vulgarity.

Case in Point picks up on the concept of the bulletproof employee in the context of a request for FMLA leave.

The Connecticut Employment Law Blog suggests that we look at the Presidential candidates’ resumes to help decide who to vote for.

Staying on the topic of politics, Suits in the Workplace gives some insight on the legality of discussing politics at work.

Bob Sutton takes the position that performance evaluations are broken and need to discarded, or at least reinvented and replaced.

World of Work and HR Observations both comment on the implications of mis-classifying an employee as and independent contractor. reports on a default judgment entered against a company for e-discovery violations and the destruction of evidence.

BLR’s HR Daily Advisor tells that employees cannot take the 5th in workplace investigations.

Until next week, “Why can’t us?” Go Phils!