Friday, October 17, 2008


Happy 1-year anniversary to my first attempt at a weekly column, What I'm Reading This Week. Thanks to all of my fellow bloggers who have given me ample links to post each and every week. On to this week's batch of links for everyone's betterment.

Work Matters reminds everyone to beware the dreaded "cc:" on company e-mails.

The Non-Compete and Restrictive Covenants Blog gives some practical information of the dangers in trying to enforce a non-compete agreement.

Wage & Hour - Developments & Highlights reports on the spate of class action lawsuits affecting the financial services industry, as if that sector needs another worry.

The steady and reliable Connecticut Employment Law Blog digests the new federal rules on attorney-client privilege.

World of Work discusses pending legislation that could become a reality after January, the Employee Misclassification Prevention Act.

The Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Blog, meanwhile, discusses another employee-friendly piece of legislation, the RESPECT Act.

The FMLA Blog reports on a case that I hope is an anomaly, in which an employer was put on notice of an employee's need for FMLA leave because she was crying.

The HR Lawyer's Blog warns against the dangers of snooping on employees' private e-mails and other electronic information.

The Word points out the distinction between gender differences and gender discrimination.