Friday, October 10, 2008


It's impossible to escape news about the economy. The Connecticut Employment Law Blog lists 5 laws employers should be thinking about in today's economy. Meanwhile, Know HR lists 5 things employers should be telling their employees about their 401(K)s.

I've written previously on the ADA Amendments Act. Overlawyered discusses one attorney's argument that under the new ADA amendments, "being male" might qualify as a protected disability. Let me be the first to say that I'll eat my hat if any court ever says that my maleness qualifies as a disability.

The Delaware Employment Law Blog instructs on the handling of permanent replacement employees during a labor strike.

The Workplace Prof Blog discusses oral argument in a 3rd Circuit case on the issue of gender stereotyping under Title VII versus sexual orientation discrimination. The male plaintiff, who by all accounts acted very effeminate, argued that he was discriminated against because he did not conform to his co-workers' sexual stereotypes. The district court dismissed his sexual harassment claim because discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is not unlawful. The appellate court will decide whether anti-gay discrimination is more based on sexual orientation or gender stereotyping. For my thoughts on this issue, see D.C. Court rules in favor of transgendered job applicant.

Work Matters argues that women should stop taking advantage of their sexuality by making bogus harassment claims to take revenge on men that had jilted them.

George's Employment Blawg talks about the importance of defining the terms of an independent contractor arrangement in a written agreement. I've also written before on this issue.

HRWorld writes on working through cancer.

The Privacy Law Blog reports on a 3rd Circuit decision which held that it was illegal for a labor union to access driver records for union organizing purposes.

Next week we'll celebrate the 1 year anniversary of this column, and announce a new weekly feature that will be joining the blog.