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Friday, October 3, 2008


HerveVillechaize Tattoos seem to be hot issue this week. In addition to my post on this topic, The Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Blog, The Word on Employment Law, and The HR Capitalist all provide their own points of view.

Human Resource Executive Online has a nice summary of the various employment law ballot issues around the country. Why should Ohio companies care what is going on in other states? Because it may foreshadow what's next for Ohio.

Do you want to put yourself in the best position possible in litigation? Take the advice of the Manpower Employment Blawg and tell the truth.

The Delaware Employment Law Blog reports on a settlement that cost a company more than $300,000 for the acts of a bullying employee.

In a similar vein, On Point gives its thoughts on a $101,500 verdict in a sexual harassment claim brought by a barmaid for "Animal House"-type behavior at her workplace.

BLR's Daily HR Advisor lists 25 forbidden interview questions. I've previously written on how to avoid hidden interviewing traps. discusses the difficulties inherent in trying to discover online data in litigation.

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