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Friday, August 15, 2008


A quick thank you to everyone who helped make Monday's Blawg Review #172 a huge success - those who sent in suggested links and those who graciously linked to the post and helped drive traffic. Now, onto what I've been reading the rest of the week.

The Connecticut Employment Law Blog writes on the difficulty of predicting litigation costs at the start of an employment case.

The Delaware Employment Law Blog lists the top 10 reasons employers should screen their job applicants.

BLR's HR Daily Advisor presents another top 10 list, reasons why HR documentation fails in court.

WorkplaceHorizons reports on the Workplace Religious Freedom Act, which would amend Title VII by modifying the definition of "religion"and requiring employers to make an affirmative effort to reasonably accommodate the religious practices of employees.

The Labor and Employment Law Blog gives some advice for employers to consider in the use of GPS tracking devices.

The FMLA Blog summarizes Santacrose v. CSX Transportation, an 11th Circuit decision which held that an employer satisfied its duty to reasonably accommodate a disabled employee by permitting him to take intermittent FMLA leave.

The HR Capitalist asks whether your HR employees would violate HIPAA to see celebrities' medical records.

The Trial Technologists View reports on his recent use of technology to help an employer present its case in a sex discrimination trial.

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